Why become a Consultant?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Career Direct® Consultant! Career Direct® is a revolutionary assessment system that combines biblical principles related to stewardship of talents with cutting-edge career guidance technology.

Consultant Training

Becoming a Career Direct Consultant will give you the opportunity to become involved in both a ministry and a business. As a trained Career Direct® Consultant, you will have the opportunity to help people in a unique way while earning an income for your services.

Consultation Model Historical Overview

In 2000, the Career Direct CD version was first tried in various communities in South Africa and Namibia. After conducting more than 700 CD version assessments, the decision was made to start developing the Global Edition Consultation Model. This entailed the development of a new Career Direct globally focused website and a Consultant Training program that could be used into multiple languages and accept different currencies.

Recruiting and training of Career Direct® GE Consultants across the globe began in 2006. This resulted in Career Direct® GE expanding into various African, European, Asian, American, and Latin American countries. Today Career Direct® GE is available in many languages and thousands of Consultants are available to guide people in their quest to understand who God designed them to be and to find the assignment that God has prepared for their life.

Why become a Consultant?

The Career Direct® Consultant model combines relationship development and leadership training that produces a ministry tool that is second to none in its drive to help people align themselves in their career and life!

Each Career Consultant understands that their role is to love their clients and help them understand the depth and importance of their unique design which is critical in order for them to maximize their God-given talents and abilities.

Our consulting model is more than a simple career test. It connects clients and families together through a two to three hour consultation that is uplifting, stimulating, and relational.

As the global economy becomes more and more unstable, there is no better time for people to be in the work that best fits them. And Career Direct Consultants, we believe, are needed more now than ever to help people along their journey!

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