Training and Certification Process

Locate the training event you want to attend via the Training Events page. Training Events Page.

Apply for training by completing the online application in the Training Event page.

Ensure that all the necessary documentation and information within the application has been downloaded, read, and understood. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Consultant Contract that must be signed at the completion of the training.

Make the necessary payment after receiving confirmation and invoicing for your training admittance

Complete your online Career Direct assessment. Instructions via email from your Network Leader will guide you through this process.

Attend the training and connect with your colleagues and Network Leader.

Sign your Consultant contract at the Training event conclusion and obtain your Consultant login information.

Complete the remaining five consultations within 6 months after the completion of the training to receive your certification and remain active.

Continue to do a minimum of 6 consultations per annum to maintain your status as an active consultant.

Complete a refresher training if your consultancy practice has become de-activated due to in-activity or missing the minimum requirements for active Consultants

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