Consultant Requirements

Each Career Direct ® Consultant Must:

  • Be a born-again Christian who has a living, vibrant relationship with God
  • Have a genuine love for people and passion to see them grow and develop in Christ
  • Have a strong desire to teach and promote the Biblical perspective of work
  • Be part of a local congregation and a registered member
  • Have the ability to sit down for extended sessions (120-150 minutes) and work with individuals, families, organizations and teams
  • A post-secondary education
  • A deep understanding of Biblical Stewardship and living as a faithful steward
  • Have the natural ability to connect with people, handle basic administrative details, study and analyze the Career Direct Detailed Report, and basic business acumen in regard to sales and marketing
  • Successfully complete live 3 day Consultant training course or the Online Training
  • Have a PC/MAC that has the ability to connect to a wireless network with a quality color printer

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