Consultant Benefits

Career Direct Consultant Dashboard & Profile

Our website is one of the best and easiest ways for consultants to market Career Direct and be marketed themselves with our Consultant Profile feature and the "Search and find a Consultant" function. This site is designed to inform and motivate prospective clients toward action and helps them easily find and connect with consultants online.

Part of a Network Team with an experienced Network Leader

Each consultant is a member of an active Network of consultants for support, encouragement and guidance. Each Network's Leader is experienced and equipped to be the first line of support and encouragement for their consultants. Regular monthly meetings are held for updates, additional training, and testimonies

Access to The Career Direct National and International office of Development and Support

The leadership of Career Direct continues to develop and post promotional materials and consulting tools into the Consultant Dashboard for all consultants to access. This office, based in the USA, is actively supporting consultants throughout the globe.

An active Consultation Training experience

With our live three-day training event and our online training each consultant will be specifically trained and equipped to become a Career Direct Consultant. At the conclusion of a completed training, each Consultant has access to their own Career Direct Consultant Dashboard, multiple Consultant tools and resources, and is awarded two Career Direct codes to help begin their practice.

Making a difference in the life direction of people and families

Career Direct Consulting is hard work; And some of the most rewarding work one can do. Seeing a person and or family come to understand their true design and their resulting career fit has blessed thousands of consultants across the world.

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