Sample Reports

These full twenty-four page sample reports are direct examples of what actual Detailed Reports look like. Your personal Detailed Report will have your specific details and data in congruence with the answers you gave from your completed assessment.

Please note that obtaining your Detailed Report is only one step in finding your true calling. We recommend that you discuss the personal report with friends and/or family. It is our best recommendation that Occupational and Educational Assessment be conducted with a Career Direct Consultant. These consultants are specially trained to understand and help clients see the nuances often missed in the Detailed Report data when doing it alone.

Two Assessment types are available to choose. Please follow the guidelines below for help in choosing your proper assessment:

Educational Assessment

Recommended primarily for students in high school and college with the minimum age of sixteen years. Educational assessments and consultations are geared to help students and parents to have a solid basis regarding appropriate post secondary educational decisions relating to trade studies, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees. The educational assessment is also for clients desiring to immediately enter the work force following high school graduation.

Educational Detailed Report

John Doe

View John Doe's Sample Report

Occupational Assessment:

Recommend for clients with completed qualifications, currently in the workforce, or those have recently become unemployed or are underemployed. Part of the Career Direct Occupational process includes instructions on how to evaluate current or past job experiences in regard to company core values, job descriptions, work environment and how they relate to the client's true design.

Occupational Detailed Report

Jane Doe

View Jane Doe's Sample Report

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