Welcome to Career Direct®!

We are so grateful you took the time to connect with us. Career Direct ® is about helping people find and fulfill the purpose of their life. Life is a journey from birth to maturity with many obstacles to be conquered as one grows and develops. Career Direct's ® goal is to assist people on their journey to discovering their Life Work.

Our Passion

Career Direct ® is part of the Career Development Department of Crown. The passion that drives us is to see every person understanding their unique design and living a successful and fulfilled life.

Our Vision

To fundamentally change the way career choices and hiring decisions are made so that people understand the concept of Life Calling and Talent Management.

Our Mission

To teach a sound process for career and Life Planning based on absolute principles and to provide practical assistance through career assessment materials.

Our Services

Our products include a world-class comprehensive assessment and professional consultations from our independent Consultants. These services are available in more that 18 languages and in more than 47 nations around the globe.

Our Consultant's Objectives

To help clients learn about their personality, interests, skills and values and how to align and integrate them for effective Life Planning. Consultants help clients identify and explore career options that they might pursue that are in line with their design, while implementing an effective strategy to attain the desired career outcomes. This approach enables clients to articulate confidently in resumes, cover letters and interviews.

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