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Personal Comments

"Thank you for the excellent Career Direct® assessment program. I received this as a gift from my mom and I have found it to be really helpful, both for guidance and for reconfirming some realizations about myself."

Bryan K.

"I really enjoyed the Career Direct® program. It's exciting to find out more about myself and to be able to focus on a specific career."

Michael M.

"The Career Direct® assessment helped me to understand myself as well as why I am dissatisfied with my current position."

Tim V.

"Career Direct® pulled everything together into one 'package' so I could conduct an objective analysis."

Gerald C.

"Every person should have a Career Direct® assessment done! It really helped me organize what I expect from a job and from my life."

B'nae P.

"I thought the personality profile part of Career Direct® was pretty much right on the money. It was 'me.'"

Claire J.

"Overall, I felt the entire Career Direct® assessment was very helpful and well designed. I thought it was definitely worth the price."

Kathleen D.

"The Career Direct® assessment helped me realize that through the years I took whatever job came along and I built up a number of skills, but I didn't pursue my heart's desire and interests that matched my personality."

Rebecca C.

"Thanks so much for the confirmation of who I am and for helping me get organized for the future!"

Bernd M.

"Coming into college as a freshman, I did not have a clue as to what I wanted my major to be. I had many interests but knew I could not pursue all of them at once. Career Direct® affirmed my strengths and interests while helping me understand myself better by showing my weaker areas. I could narrow down the broad interests I had into what most inspired me. Career Direct® was a very positive, helpful experience."

Amanda L., Junior, Belhaven College, Mississippi

"This analysis helped me to further understand my personal skills and talents. I have always been taught that God fulfills the desires of the heart. God gave me these particular skills in order for me to use them in my profession and in my life."

E. Fagin, Freshman, ORU, Oklahoma

"This assessment is evidence that my desires, personality, skills, and values work in the perfect harmony that only can be accredited to God."

M. Weidman, freshman, ORU, Oklahoma, High School Career Guidance Counselors

"I switched to Career Direct® because it combines four vital areas of assessment—personality, interests, skills, and values—into one inexpensive tool. With the Career Direct® Institutional version, you get a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report and a package of resources to guide students into sound vocational and educational decisions."

Stella P., Counselor, Christian High School

"Please accept our heartfelt thanks for providing our students with the opportunity to complete the Institutional version of the Career Direct® assessment. This program has certainly been a blessing to our seniors. I personally found it to be an excellent tool for helping students find their God-directed paths for life. I wish that this type of Christ-centered instrument was available when I was in high school."

Pauline J., Counselor, Christian High School

"This is one of the rare career planning or testing services that takes into account the believer's responsibility to and reliance upon God. Although you can get other assessment instruments to use on your own fairly inexpensively, Career Direct®’s in-depth analysis and Christian perspective is worth the extra cost."

Cathy Duffy, Reviewer, Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual: Junior/Senior High

"For the Crossroads Career® Network of churches, there is no better assessment than Career Direct® for discovering your God-given design for educational and vocational planning – the only program of its kind that covers the four critical areas of skills, interests, values, and personality in one easy-to-take and understandable package."

Brian Ray, Founder, Crossroads Career® Network

"Since 1991, I have used the Career Direct® assessment in a career coaching practice while working with more than 1,000 individuals from Georgia to California to the United Kingdom. I use the Career Direct® assessment because it's very accurate and detailed. It provides clients with a foundational understanding of their God-given strengths. Career Direct® is both comprehensive and an excellent value. It's exciting that the launch of Internet-based Career Direct® will make this outstanding tool more widely available."

Alan McTier, Principal, LifePurposes Leadership & Career Development,

"Career Direct® is the result of a combined ten years of extensive research and development, with testing of more than 120,000 people to produce this extraordinary product. This four-part assessment provides a thorough and clear picture of an individual’s talents and interests for work. Most importantly, these materials provide a solid foundation for career planning."

Dr. Ron Braund, President, AlphaCare, Professional Counseling Group

"After seeing the results of the Career Direct® assessment, I was shocked. I felt as if someone had truly read my mind and heart… It was the leading of the Holy Spirit that has brought me back to ORU to continue my nursing degree with an emphasis on missions."

Donna S., R.N.

"I took the assessment 14 months ago and it helped me decide to go back and get a teaching certificate. It delineated several things I had suspected for a long time. Thanks!"

Karen K.

"I am going into full-time Christian service after I retire from the Military. I give your program at least some of the credit for steering me that way. I knew God was tapping me on the shoulder, but I didn't realize that I was so well suited for it until I did the Career Direct® Program. Praise the Lord."

Tim B.

"My wife, who works as a talk show host on a Christian radio station told me about your Career Direct® system. What a blessing! I ordered it and, after completing all of the questionnaires and obtaining the results, I found that real estate financing was right up my alley. I also possess strong biblical teaching traits (like a pastor). So, since I am in need of finishing up my Bachelor’s degree anyway, I have decided to enroll in the Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA. Who knows what else the Lord has in store!"

Tyler L., Business Firm Partner

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