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  1. Will Career Direct® guarantee me a job?

    Career Direct® is an assessment to help you discover how your personality, interests, skills, and values align to find the perfect career fit. So while we cannot guarantee you a job, we can ensure that you'll find the best field(s) for you. We strive to equip you with the knowledge and understanding of how God made you, so that you can pursue His plan and purpose for you in the right job, career, or major. 

  2. Who should take Career Direct® ?

    For over 20 years, Career Direct® has helped individuals of all ages make informed decisions about their future. Whether determining the proper course of study, or guiding someone through a career transition, entering the workforce for the first time, rejoining the workforce, or seeking to maximize your God-given talents and abilities, Career Direct ® aides individuals in self-discovery to teach them about who they are and what they were made to do.

  3. What's the history behind Career Direct® ?

    Back in the 1970s, Crown Financial Ministries co-founder Larry Burkett was providing family finance counseling to families all over the country. While talking with these families, he discovered so many people were in careers that didn't align with their God-given talents and abilities. Realizing this was such a widespread problem, he wanted to help people recognize their strengths and weaknesses in order to find the perfect career fit -- Career Direct® was born.

  4. What makes CareerDirect® different?

    Career Direct® evaluates what most other well-known assessments measure such as personality, skills, and interests, but it also assesses values, stress, and financial management behavior, which aren't included in other assessments. More conveniently, Career Direct® compiles all of these into one biblically based, encouraging report.

    The results from the personality portion of Career Direct® are correlated significantly with two well-known personality assessments, (Hogan Personality Assessment and Costa and McCrae’s Neo-PI), and compare favorably with results from other personality assessments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, but is more comprehensive.

    The results from the interests section of Career Direct® are correlated significantly with the Strong Vocational Interest Inventory and compare favorably with other interests-based assessments such as Campbell and the Self-directed Search.

  5. Do I need a Career Direct® consultant?

    Having a consultant to interpret your results isn't required but highly recommended. Our Career Direct® consultants have been trained and certified to analyze the results of your assessment and speak truth into your life. They connect all the components of the assessment to make the best fitting career or study recommendations. Additionally, their perspective makes a huge difference in providing objective feedback while also minimizing the stress that accompanies tough education or career decisions.

  6. Why is Crown Financial Ministries in the career guidance business?

    Ponder this. Our finances are derived from work, and our work is derived from our gifts and talents. So really, the two are deeply connected and interrelated. Therefore, true stewardship starts with understanding and managing our strengths and weaknesses. It's really neat how related they are, isn't it?

  7. How long have you been doing this?

    We've been in the career guidance business for almost 30 years. Larry Burkett first started the career program in 1990, and over the years, the assessment has been refined and improved to meet customer needs while maintaining our statistical reliability and validity. Today's current assessment is designed for your convenience and available time in your busy, day-to-day life. 

  8. How many people have taken Career Direct® ?

    Over 250,000 students and adults have taken Career Direct® . Incredible, right?!

  9. I want more tools. Where can I find them?

    Sure, we're happy to help! Go to the Public additional resources tab for books, videos, articles, and other tips to assist you further.

Research and Development

  1. Is Career Direct® statistically valid?

    Yes! The personality factors of Career Direct® were validated against and are correlated significantly with similar factors in other well-known assessments, like the Hogan Personality Inventory and Costa and McCrae’s NEO-PI .

  2. How reliable is Career Direct® ?

    Reliability tests are well above acceptable levels as shown in the internal consistency and test-retest reliability measures below.

  3. What is Career Direct® research history?

    At the start in 1990, Larry Burkett gathered a research team to develop a career guidance program based on both biblical and psychometric principles. Though it started as a paper test like others, it transformed into a CD-ROM by 1999. Rather than using other assessments, we built this version from the ground up right from the beginning. And by 2006, the assessment became what it is today.

Assessment Questions

  1. What can Career Direct® do for me?

    Career Direct® is an online, biblically-based career assessment that evaluates personality, interests, skills, and values. When compiled together, it makes fitting career recommendations perfect for you personally. More than that, the assessment provides insight and understanding into how God made you and what His purpose and plan is for your life. For you, this means you could approach career and education decisions with less stress and more confidence.

  2. What if I've already taken Career Direct® ? Should I take it again?

    Typically, your personality doesn't change throughout your life. However, as you get older, your life experiences, training, and education changes. These in turn affect your interests, values, and abilities, which could alter or modify your career decisions going forward. Therefore, we suggest reevaluating your assessment at strategic times in your life in order to make wise, informed career decisions. 

  3. How long does it take?

    It typically takes about an hour to complete the assessment. It's recommended to take the entire assessment in one sitting; however, your progress can be saved if you can't complete it all at one time.

  4. At what stages in life would you recommend taking the assessment?

    We recommend taking the assessment at any point in life when you're considering a career move or furthering your education. This way you'll be able to make confident and wise decisions because you'll have a better understanding of how God designed you and what His purpose is for you.


  1. Can people with disabilities take Career Direct®

    Career Direct® is Microsoft Eyes and JAWS readable for those who are visually impaired or blind.

  2. I’m currently battling depression. Will taking Career Direct® help me and provide me with accurate feedback?

    Depression can affect and possibly mask accurate feedback from any assessment. Professional assistance and advice should be sought before making any major life decision in this situation. First seek professional counsel, then consider Career Direct.

  3. Where can I get more help after taking Career Direct®?

    Connect with a trained consultant at your dashboard. You can schedule a time to go over your results and receive more feedback, tips, and suggestions as to how to go about the next steps of your career decision process. Want a consultant? Login and click "Find a Consultant" on your dashboard menu.

Business and Consultant Training

  1. Do you work with organizations such as colleges, universities, seminaries, churches, schools, or businesses?

    Yes, we do! To learn more and book a demo click here--

  2. I want to be a Career Direct ® consultant. Where do I start?

    Because the assessment reaches thousands of people all over the world, we have a strict evaluation process before someone is invited to attend a live training event. If you think you might be a good fit for a position like this, click here for more information click here .

  3. What opportunities exist for Career Direct consultants? 

    Consultants can become Network Leaders and potentially Master Trainers. A Network Leader coaches new consultants, and a Master Trainer trains new consultants. Each role has a specific set of expectations, requirements, and guidelines.

Promotional Materials

  1. Can I get marketing materials to share with friends, family, church, and school?

    Yes, of course! We'd love to equip you with information that you could share with others. You can either contact a local consultant in your area or contact Career Direct using the Contact Us link.

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