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Crossroads Career Network

"Career Direct is the one best assessment because it covers four key areas - Skills, Personality, Interests and Values - and then connects specific Interests with matching Occupations in one click.

Even better is the consultant training that equips me to facilitate clients’ discovery of their best, and who needs it most. The bonus I did not consider when I signed up was multiple languages. Already I have served clients from Brazil, Russia and China, and I don’t even speak the language!

Finally and most importantly, Career Direct technically and practically does a great job of revealing how people are God’s masterpiece created for good works. In business and ministry, it is my mission to help people find jobs, careers and God’s calling, which Career Direct helps me accomplish."

Brian Ray | Founder
Crossroads Career Network


Summit Ministries

"My own high school experience with aptitude tests soured me on their benefit. But as a dad of a teenage son trying to get a sense of direction in life, I was introduced to Career Direct.

After my son completed the questionnaire we received a detailed 24-page report of the results, which our Career Direct Qualified Consultant went over with us in a two-hour coaching call. When I asked my son, ‘What did you think?’ after the consultation, he replied without hesitation: 'I have never been so happy. I finally understand how God made me and what to do next.'

I would have paid almost any amount to see him so energized! The Career Direct fee was so reasonable (if it helps a student avoid even a single “off-track” college class, the tuition savings alone will offset the cost many times over)—and the service so personal—I now recommend Career Direct with confidence."

-Dr. Jeff Myers,
President, Summit Ministries


Strong Message Consultants

"It is my privilege to endorse Career Direct wholeheartedly to any parent, student or organization. I have been using Career Direct for the last 7 years in my own life, my family, my practice and my ministry.

All thee my sons have benefitted tremendously from the product. As an Industrial Psychologist I use this tool extensively in working with individuals that I coach and in companies where I work hand in hand with Human Resource Departments. Career Direct is comprehensive, very accurate and reliable as an assessment but what makes the tool very powerful is the consultation process where you get the opportunity to work with individuals, families and companies.

Career Direct has enabled me to bring breakthrough and healing to many clients, families and organizations.

Thank you Crown for equipping us with great tools and making us effective in our ministries."

Dr. Mario Denton
Founder – Strong Message


Youth With A Mission

I met Jan & Alet Strydom (Global VP for Career Direct) in Budapest, Hungary in January 2011. Shortly after meeting them, my wife and I were invited to help with the first Career Direct training (doing the translating) in Burkina Faso in the French language. During this time we were introduced to Career Direct and we loved the product. It helped me to understand my wife and myself much better. The assessment also helped me to give direction to my children.

After this I also realized that the tool would be extremely valuable to the students at the YWAM, Burtigny base. Many of them need a breakthrough in understanding their own calling and ministry. To date we have done three Career Direct trainings at the YWAM, Burtigny base. We have trained 56 Consultants from as far as Norway, France, Hungary, Burkina Faso and Switzerland. These consultants are having a big impact in the lives of our students and in the community where they live.

I had the joy of doing 49 consultations to date and have seen tremendous results. We endorse Career Direct with great confidence. It is a reliable tool that will help you on many levels.

Thank you Crown!
Marc and Doris Stettler
YWAM – Burtigny, Switzerland


Finanzas con Propòsito®

"Career Direct has been a great help to me personally and also with my family. We used it ourselves and with all of our children.

Career Direct is more than a practical tool. It helps build relationships in the family. It not only reveals the specific design of a person but help each participant and parents to understand their partners and children much better. Nothing is as helpful as understanding the true design and function of a person.

Both my wife and me are trained Consultants and to date I have done more than 40 consultations. Career Direct is an extraordinaire tool with practical and spiritual application for life. Thank you Crown for a great product and giving us wonderful opportunities to help and grow people."

Javier Angulo Cardinale
Director Ejecutivo Finanzas con Proppósito
Consultor Certificado de Career Direct
Costa Rica


Crown Poland

I have been using Career Direct for the last 3 years and have seen amazing results in people’s lives. On a personal level I am a Career Direct Consultant and have done more than 200 consultations. I could help 99% of my clients to experience break through in their lives. Only a handful of clients had problems with depression and some experienced hormonal problems.

I am not also a Network Leader and Master Trainer in Poland and have trained numerous Career Direct Consultants to use to product in their practices, organizations and churches. I support this product because it is enabling ministry and the development of leaders.

Thank you Crown for a wonderful product that gives hope and transformation to people around the globe.

CRU – Poland - Mt28 staff member
Country Coordinator of Crown
Zdzislaw Miara


Grove City College

"After extensive research for a biblically based self-assessment for our freshmen, we selected Career Direct®. Since 1998, our freshmen have been encouraged and challenged by their results, and we are confident that we are ministering to our students through the use of these biblically-based materials."

Dr. Jim Thrasher,
Career Services Director,
Grove City College, Pennsylvania


Cedarville University, Ohio

"We love Crown Financial Ministries' Career Direct®! We use it as our main tool of personal assessment because it combines so many aspects into one. As a busy office, it is much easier to work from one tool than many. Students appreciate the thoroughness and depth of the results as do their advisors. We value its usefulness so much that since 1999 we have encouraged our entire freshman class to take it before classes even begin! It is a great foothold as students are deciding or confirming their major."

Lew Gibbs,
Director, Career Services,
Cedarville University, Ohio


Oral Roberts University

"The complexity of our society today presents significant challenges for those seeking purpose and career direction in their lives. In 2001 Oral Roberts University launched an initiative taking an intensive strengths-based advisement approach in assisting college students and graduates with the process of making these life-sized decisions. After an exhaustive search, we determined the Career Direct® System provided the best balance of resources necessary to address these needs. Over the past four years we have been blessed with the opportunity to administer several thousand applications of the Career Direct® Instrument. Through the use of Career Direct® we have noted a dramatic improvement in the quality of our advisement process, a greater satisfaction rate in the selection of academic majors, and a marked emphasis on purpose and long-term career selection."

John F. Brown, Director,
College & Career Guidance Center,
Oral Roberts University, Oklahoma


Liberty University

"Liberty University is very grateful to have Career Direct® as part of their career assessment system. Career Direct® is a great tool to show students and those entering the professional field the importance of looking at the four areas to consider as they are looking at choosing what industry and company they want to pursue. Career Direct® is a vital part of assisting students in making career and life decisions."

Trisha Toler,
Career Center Director,
Liberty University, Virginia


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