What you can expect

Taking a Career Guidance assessment with the guidance, care, and experience of a Career Direct Consultant can be a life changing experience! Our Career Direct Consultation services are priced according to each national economy and remain one of the best values in the career guidance market today. This model also undergirds Crown's focus on developing relationships and training leaders. The consultation is warm, friendly, uplifting, inquiring, and stimulating!

Items included in the Consultation package:

  • 550 question online assessment
  • Guidance on how to accurately take your assessment
  • Thirty-Four page Detailed Report
  • 2 - 3 hour consultation live or via web-based video service (i.e.. skype)
  • Action Plan
  • Job Sampler HTML booklet
  • O*net usage instructions (a specific educational and career related resource)
  • Pre and Post consultation coaching*

Investment of Time

Beginning your career guidance process with a trained consultant is the most effective action you can take. They'll guide through the entire process from start to finish. They'll invest, on average, about six hours in administration work and consultation prep / consultation work. Your time will be focused more on research applicable education / career focuses instead of getting sidetracked in a maze of confusing details. The consultation time is very thorough in which the whole report, page by page, is carefully explained. On average more than 10 hours of preparation time is saved by using our consultant based model.

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