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You have unlimited potential to be more and do more. You have a deep desire to grow in life and work. You are ready to exceed everyone's expectations.

Find New Purpose and Passion

When a person is in a rut or feeling stuck in life, it often means it's time for something new - a new experience, a new growth opportunity, or a new perspective on present circumstances. Our Career Direct ® Consultants can assist you in this journey.

Explore core values

People live their lives based on their values. A person who values creativity will have work or hobbies in the arts. Someone who values connection and communication may work as a counselor or coach, or enjoy spending time with close friends and family. Values may change over time so it is helpful to re-evaluate core values in present time and find ways to express and honor them.

Identify what's missing in your gift mix

Some people lose parts of themselves as they get lost in work, daily responsibilities and unhealthy relationships. Take time to journey back to discover how your Personality, Interests, Skill and Value are aligned.

Discover your passion

Everyone has something they are passionate about even if they are not conscious of it. If time and money weren't an obstacle, what would you love to do, be or experience? Your Consultant will help you to discover and reveal the areas of passion.

Global Network of Consultants

The Career Direct Network expands to 47 nations and in 18 languages. You can be situated in one nation and your family in another. With the help of your Consultant you will be able to connect with your loved ones in another nation and have your report printed in multiple languages. Career Direct Consultants do consultations via Skype with clients around the globe.

Family members will be invited

Career Direct consultants will invite parents and other family members to participate in the consultation session. We believe that family participation is critical in the consultation process.

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