Without a Consultant

The Journey of Discovery!

Life is a journey of discovery, learning, and growth. Childhood offers one set of life lessons, adolescence another, and adulthood offers many arrays of experiences and lessons.

There often comes a time when many feel disconnected from relationships, work, and life. This usually indicates that it's a critical time to re-evaluate who you are what your purpose is.

Many, however, get lost in the busyness of daily work, swamped in responsibilities, or stuck in a rut that deflates their passion and purpose. And confusion clouds their search for new meaning and direction in life.

Fortunately, with Career Direct ® , we can help you navigate these difficult seasons of life, discover what's important to you, and re-ignite your passion!

Career Direct® without a Consultant Price:

  • 80.00 USD

Service includes:

  • An online assessment
  • Access to the Detailed Report
  • Access to online resources and self help tools
  • Please contact a consultant to determine assessment and consultation package pricing.

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