What you can expect

Taking a Career Guidance assessment on your own is not a difficult thing to do. At Career Direct, our assessment is competitively priced, available on line, and can be taken, currently, in eighteen different languages. Many additional resources are also available to assist clients in getting the most value from the Detailed Report.

Investment of Time

Taking your assessment and receiving your Detailed Report is only one step in the career guidance process. The real work begins when you read your report multiple times, study the data within, research related fields that align with your profile, and meet with a trusted advisor to confirm your findings. Many clients underestimate this full process and hope to get a simple, straight to the point answer after taking their assessment. We have found this to be impossible because each person is uniquely created and so many variables need to be understood and evaluated in order to see the full picture. The Detailed Report is designed to layout all the critical information pieces; it is your job to put the puzzle together!

Help if You Need it!

Many people attempt to work through the Career Direct Guidance process on their own and later find themselves needing help. And we would be more than ready and willing to help. Our system allows you to do the following:

  • Review, communicate with, and choose a Consultant that you feel would best fit you
  • Invite them to be your Consultant which will grant them access to your Detailed Report
  • Change Consultants if you deem it necessary

Need help? Our Career Direct ® Consultants can assist you in this journey. Get started with a Career Direct ® Consultant today!

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