The Career Direct® Story

During the years I was counseling families on their finances, I frequently observed people in career fields that didn't match their talents and abilities. It concerned me that so many people were not aware of their strengths and, therefore, were not being good stewards of their talents.

I began to hope that someone would develop a program that would help people understand their vocational bent and show them how to make the right career decisions. In 1989 I began working on this task. Lee Ellis, one of our lay consultants, was retiring from the Air Force about that time, and so I challenged him to come help develop the program that is now Career Direct® .

Larry Burkett (1939 - 2003)
Co-Founder of Crown

Career Direct® has come a long way since those early days. 1000's of individuals have benefited from the insightful perspective that under girds all of the Career Direct® materials. Larry was confident that the guidance system and the many other products that have been, and continue to be, developed will prove to be invaluable resources for career consultants, human resource professionals, consultants, and administrators like yourselves. He believed this because the resources meet fundamental needs of every individual, the family, and society at large.

Career Direct® Global Edition: Work on the Global Edition started in 2000 when the assessment was taken to South Africa and tested in various communities and settings. Candidates in South Africa and Namibia did the assessment and very encouraging results were obtained. After conducting more than 700 assessments the decision was taken to start recruiting and training Career Direct® GE Consultants across the Globe. This resulted in Career Direct® GE expanding into various African-, European-, Asian & Latin American countries. Today Career Direct® is available in various languages around the world and many trained Consultants are available to assist people in their quest to find the assignment that God has prepared for their life.